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Secrets of Fortuny Bay
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Secrets of Fortuny Bay

A second chance at forever

A battle for the life of a child


Leo Moncrieff got more than he bargained for when he returned to the sleepy town of Fortuny Bay to settle his family's affairs. He found a second chance with the woman he loved in a life he walked away from. 


Cat Alonzo will go to the ends of the earth for her son, and she might have to do just that in order to keep him safe from the family that should love him as much as she does. Struggling against all odds, she must prove that her son belongs with her. 


Fighting their battles together is something neither Leo or Cat is prepared for. Around every corner there are people they can’t trust, lies that threaten to destroy the truth, and one chance to save not only Cat’s son, but the love that they’ve found once more in Fortuny Bay.

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Reunion at Fortuny Bay

A devastating truth brought them back together

A long-harbored secret threatens to tear them apart


Leo Moncrieff is celebrating the multi-billion-dollar sale of his Silicon Valley company when he receives word that his estranged father has passed. Now, ten years after he escaped the sleepy harbor town of Fortuny Bay, Leo must return to settle his family’s affairs.


He expects to get in, sell the house, and get back to his real life… but Leo uncovers more secrets than he bargained for lingering in his dilapidated ancestral home: Namely, his ex who, unbeknownst to Leo, has been an in-home nurse for his father these past few years. 


Widowed mother Cat Alonzo has nothing and no one beyond her five-year-old son and a room in the Moncrieff home. Her late husband’s sudden death gave her a reputation in town that she can’t seem to shake, and when his family opens a lawsuit for custody of her son, she finds herself stuck in Fortuny Bay by court order – just in time for Leo to come back to town and tear her apart all over again.


While Leo is still the same witty, charming guy who stole her heart all those years ago, their reunion is overshadowed by swirling rumors, hazy secrets, and the wagging tongues of a small town. As much as Cat wants to hate him, she can’t, and for Leo, even dire warnings from the neighbors can’t stop his flame from burning for the beautiful woman he left behind.


Their hesitant truce and budding second chance romance is shattered when his father’s attorney invites them both to the reading of the will, and the biggest secret of all is revealed —a betrayal that neither Cat nor Leo can possibly forgive.

Desir Afte Dak
Desire After Dark

USA Today Bestseller #80 (Jan 16, 2022)

Amazon Bestseller #12 Overall


Swoony heroes.

Sizzling chemistry.

Sweet kisses.

Over twenty of your favorite authors have come together to bring you your next book boyfriend in the hot bad boys you can't resist, the swoon-worthy heroes that will sweep you off your feet, and all the sexy studs you'll meet between the pages.


You'll find all your favorite tropes, ranging from steamy to downright scorching. This one amazing compilation will satisfy your craving for enemies to lovers, small town, second chance, sexy dark, sports, rom com, forbidden, age gap, friends to lovers, opposites attract, and many more!


Snuggle up and prepare to read all night... you won't want to put this steamy contemporary collection down.


Authors in this set include: Em Petrova, Ellie Masters , S.M. West, Sarah Bale, Catherine Wiltcher, Heather Slade, Neya Wara, Morgan James, Rene Folsom, Hope Irving, Katherine Hastings, Ara Grigorian, Katana Collins, JB Heller, E.R. Whyte & Jennifer Hartmann, Zoe Forward, Jane Suen, D. D. Larsen, Ivy Wild, Anise Storm, Erin Osborne and C.N. Marie
15 Days
15 Days with You eBook UPDATE.jpg
15 Days With You

A mother’s dying wish. A son in search of answers. A fifteen-day surf odyssey with the California girl who will dare him to rethink everything. 

Alone after his mother’s unexpected death, seventeen-year-old Shep leaves Texas to crash with his uncle’s family in Malibu. Before he can hang his cowboy hat, Shep learns something that blows his mind—in her youth, his hard-working single mom was a gifted surfer on her way to international fame. And her dying wish was for him to recreate the surf tour she completed when she was eighteen—the summer she got pregnant with him. 

Along with his cousin Carmen (the red-blooded competitive surfer) and her best friend Samantha (the opinionated and mildly annoying beach goddess), Shep hits the road for a surf trip up and down Pacific Coast Highway. Armed with his mother’s ashes and fifteen sealed envelopes—each containing a page from her high school diary—Shep will discover a new side of the complex woman he’d only thought of as Mom, and might finally learn the identity of a man he’s never met—his father. 

But each time he paddles out into the waves, a nagging question haunts him—the one he may not be ready to answer: Is he learning to surf because he wants to honor his mother’s dying wish, or running from the real reason he can’t go back to Texas—his own terrible mistake?

Ten Year Dance
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Ten Year Dance

Best friends since sixth grade.

A ten-year high school reunion.

A truth they’ve danced around for a decade...

Unlucky-in-love Sophie Perez knows her divorce won’t be easy—but she doesn’t expect it to be dangerous. So when things get ugly, she agrees to move in with Pete Nicos, her commitment-phobic best friend since childhood. Pete has always been there for Sophie, just like she’s been there for him.


At first, taking her in seems like the best option, but soon her tantalizing proximity blurs the lines of friendship. With their high school reunion on the horizon will they find closure, forgiveness, and new beginnings?

Game of Love
Game of Love

Winner of Outstanding Romance - 2016, IAN Book of the Year awards

Winner of Readers' Favorite - 2015, International Book Award, Gold - Sports Category

In the game of love, winner takes all.


What happens when the price of love is too much to pay?


After a public scandal and the worst loss of her career, tennis champion Gemma Lennon can’t afford to fall for Andre Reyes. He’s everything she wants at the worst time, and the paparazzi have never been more persistent in their pursuit of capturing another scandal involving her.


Gemma needs to keep her eyes on the prize: winning a grand slam. But she just can’t say no to Andre. Instead, she makes a dangerous gamble.


All they have to do is keep their relationship secret until after Wimbledon. Too bad someone snagged an intimate photograph of them. Now that person is demanding compensation to keep those images under wraps.


Gemma must choose: risk everything for a man who may be the one...or break her own heart to claim the glory she’s always craved.


Fans of the movie Notting Hill and Wimbledon are falling in love with Game of Love, a second chance romance from Ara Grigorian.

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Newly reprinted with
new cover and over 30 pages of new content!

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